Monday, 13 February 2012

Revamped Earring Stand

I was looking at my current earring a brooch display and figured it needed a new look.
Here's what I did, and how I did it!
I hope you like it.

I have an old earring stand that I made myself some time ago. It was quite cheap to make. I bought 2 cork notice boards and some small hinges from the local hardware store and put them together to make a free standing board. I spray painted it black in the belief that silver jewellery looks best on a black background. Not sure how legit that belief is.

As you can see, it's worn already, you can see the brown cork coming through where pins have been and on the top a half hearted attempt to write my name on the board.
I had some brown suede left over from making teddy bears and decided to use that as a background, so using double sided sticky tape I marked out enough for the board and stuck the suede onto the cork.
I tried cutting out the shape first but found it easier to stick the material down, then using a craft knife cut the material from the edge of the board.

Now for the edge. I have some left over decoupage paper, that has a brown crackle effect. I cut the paper into squares then used glue to paste it down all around the edge. I'm using decopatch glue and paper, but I think it's just the same as any white glue and tissue paper. decopatch though have many great patterns and well worth a look. I bought this from Hobby craft, but they have a website
It looks messy, and it is! But it's great fun and a good way to decorate anything and everything.
After drying, it looks great, better than before at least. It only took a couple of hours. You can see below the one I re-vamped and one I've yet to do. I've also notices the suede hides any pinholes better than the cork alone, so hopefully it will last a lot longer.

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